AFT "CrustaSalt"

Optimal Ratio & Levels Of Elements For the culture of crustaceans.


Product Description

AFT salt, is a special dry marine salt blend especially formulated for crustaceans. The formula is the result of years of research into the physiological demands of crustaceans in there environment. Our salt mix offers the correct ratio of all essential minerals and trace elements, along with precise pH buffering capacity, to promote the health and longevity of your livestock.

AFT Salt is specifically designed to replicate the saltwater marine environment. It is suitable for shrimp, crab,lobster larvae and adult production of synthetic seawater for inland or serious water polluted sea area. It can be used to increase salt content of the sea water in regions with low salt content. It is also used for crustaceans requiring high quality water in seafood and aquatic product wholesale markets.

AFT salt is a convenient and easy to use one-part formula that is ideal for mixing either small or large batches of saltwater without the effect of inland contaminants.

  • Fast dissolving
  • Nitrate, phosphate & ammonia free
  • Contains all essential major, minor & trace elements in correct leves for Crustaceans.
  • With strong PH buffer, reaches and maintans proper PH smoothly after mixing
  • We can preset the amount of calcium according to our customers' demands
  • We deliver basic substances for every existing systembased solution
  • Buckets, plastic bags and big bags are available in all sizes, let us know what you prefer


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