About AFT

About AFT

AFT advises and supervises shrimp projects from idea to realization.

AFT advises and assists in the areas of project advice, reviewing, project management, project design, construction supervision, and rebuilding and business adjustment. Also in the areas of technology, farming techniques, training, operation and management of shrimp farms and feed research trials.

Advice can be drawn up and converted into (project-based) realization.

Aquaculture Farming Technology was founded by Mr Leon Claessens. AFT areas of experience include: ecological shrimp farming, intensive nursery systems, semi-intensive and super intensive shrimp farms, multi-phase culture systems, biofloc technology, biosecurity, integrated manure denitrification systems.


AFT do not sell any turnkey shrimp farm systems.


AFT has hands-on experience, and we are a creative broad-minded team which is closely involved with personal attention for each customer. AFT had the opportunity to work, mainly with

  • White shrimp (P. vannamei)
  • Tiger shrimp (P. monodon)
  • Tilapia (Nile. S)

We also have participated in projects with:

  • Indian white shrimp (P. indicus)


Over the years, AFT has built a reliable network of other experienced specialist in the field of shrimp aquaculture. We combine, as needed our own experience and expertise with that of other consultants and suppliers from our reliable network of relationships.

AFT team members:

  • Mr Victor Bierbooms
    Aquaculture Expert (RAS Recirculation Aquaculture, fresh and seawater) – Systems Development and Operations) AutoCAD.
  • Mr Eric de Muylder
    Shrimp Feed Formulation & Shrimp Nutrition Expert.
  • Mr Chris Dinneweth
    Shrimp Monodon & Vannamei Hatchery Expert.
  • Ms Karin van de Braak
    Aquaculture Health Specialist, Audits & Pre-audit Guidance. www.sasnet.nl
  • Mr Hans Boon

    Aquafeed expert, Aquafeed formulation, production optimization and product management, ingredient Development and advisor in the broadest sense. www.aquaculture-experience.com

  • Mr Jacques Wijnoogst
    Designer of Fish & Shrimp Feed Facilities as well as Product Development in several Animal Feed area.
  • Mr S. Santhana Krishnan
    Aquaculture Value Chain Expert. 30 years experience working in big scale shrimp projects around the world. Primary focus is Project Development, Management and Value chain building, Technical Audits, Project Appraisal, CSR initiatives, Investor advice, Lead Advisor for Corporate Aquaculture Projects etc.,


With this team, AFT can offer a complete package tailored for your Shrimp project. AFT likes to make individual arrangements with the client about how they want to achieve there project. And what form you choose, you can count on good agreements, a clear cost and clear planning. Without unpleasant surprises.

Lastly, and most importantly, we build relationships with our customers. Becoming our customer means you have a professional partner and source of information and assistance helping you grow your business with success.