Aquaculture Farming Technology Nutrition/Feed R&D center expansion.

Aquaculture Farming Technology is currently expanding the Shrimp Nutrition/Feed R&D center in the Netherlands. 2 complete new research systems will be added.

The first new recirculation system comprised of 20 tanks of 200 liter each, which will be used for feeding trials. This system can be used with any temperature and salinity. This system can be split-up in 2 systems each with 10 tanks. The system is equipped with a solids removal system, moving bed bioreactor, UV and oxygen systems.

The second system is also an recirculation system with 20 tanks of 200 liter each, this system is set-up for Digestibility test for Marine species especially Shrimp but other species such as Sea Baas could also be used. With these Digestibility tanks we will get more detailed data about the national value of the feed.

Construction works should be finished by the end of this year. And the new nutrition research facility should be fully operational in January 2016.


We can produce small batches of research feed:

Any inquiries about Shrimp nutrition/feed research are welcome. We looking forward to hear from you.

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