The current projects where we work or to cooperate, study. engineering, design, build,start-up and management.
  • 2017 - Canada

    2017 - Canada 2017 - Canada 2017 - Canada

    The shrimp farm project in Canada is getting shape.

    First tanks are installed and plastic liners are in. In this farm we will culture Vannamei shrimp in full freshwater. Water will come from a deep borehole.

    More news in the next months.

  • 2017 - Gulf Region

    AFT have done a site visit to the Gulf Region for the set-up of an new vannamei Shrimp project.

    Conceptual design and technical engineering will be done at this moment. 

    More information soon.

  • 2017 - Indonesia

    Vannamei Shrimp project Indonesia. Intensive farm with plastic lined ponds and water recirculation ponds.

    More news to announce in the next months.

  • 2015 - India

    2015 - India Research and evaluation of existing shrimp farm.

    The farm will be redesigned and converted into an intensive P vannamei shrimp farm. The project will start with 4 pilot intensive ponds with nursery system.

    AFT will design and engineer the farm. On site works follow-up, start up, training and management.

  • 2016 - Central Asia

    2016 - Central Asia

    Realization of an shrimp project in Central Asia. The grower tanks are ready, next step equipment installation and aeration systems.

    More photos in the next weeks.

  • 2016 - India

    3 ongoing projects in different parts of India. All projects will focus on production with bioflocs in closed greenhouse with plastic lined ponds.

  • 2015 - Jordania

    2015 - Jordania AFT visit Jordania for a site analyses for the set-up of inland low saline groundwater vannamei shrimp farm.
  • 2016 - Germany

    AFT signed a new contract for the set-up and engineering of a new vannamei shrimp farm project in Germany.

  • 2015 - Bulgaria

    Feasibility study for an indoor RAS shrimp farm Bulgaria, 22 tons annual.
  • 2016 - Canada

    Feasibility study for an indoor RAS shrimp farm in Canada 10-20 tons annual.
  • 2015 - Austria Tirol

    2015 - Austria Tirol

    AFT have designed and engineerd an pilot Indoor P vannamei Shrimp farm in Austria Tirol. First post larvae to be stocked in August.

    More news to announce soon.

  • 2015 - Central Asia

    AFT is conducting an feasibility study and engineering for the set-up of an Indoor P vannamei Shrimp farm in Central Asia. The production capacity will be 20 tons per year.


  • 2015 - Italia

    2015 - Italia Expansion of existing shrimp farm.

    ´╗┐This intensive P vannamei shrimp farm will get complete new grow out tanks with integrated filtration system.