Freshwater Vannamei shrimp farming

Freshwater Vannamei shrimp farming

Freshwater culture of Vannamei Shrimp update 21 June 2017

One of our team members Mr Fabio is currently doing an consultancy job for freshwater Vannamei shrimp farming in Brazil.

The small 27ha farm has open outdoor 3ha ponds and in remodeling for intensive greenhouse and linned ponds. All outdoors ponds are stopped due WSSV outbreak and I'll start over with new preparation procedures. The new set-up has a nursery, pre-growout and growout ponds. All of them with greenhouse and hdpe bottom cover. In this farm we will practice freshwater culture super intensive for vannamei.

The following results are from our supervision already.

Density at each phase and average results from last two crops:


Nursery Greenhouse


Density 6-15pls/liter

Doc 10-15 days

Survival 98-100%

Initial weight 50pls/g

Final weight 8pls/g

Stocked at 2ppt and lower to 0ppt immediately

Syphon each 2 days against over biofloc and feces sedimentation

Amônia 0.1ppm

Nitrite 0.2ppm

Alkalinity 120ppm

Orp +120mV


Pre-growout Greenhouse


Density 2500-4000pcs/m2

Doc 15-25 days

Survival 95%

Final weight 0.8-1.5g

Water exchange 30% a day

Amônia 0.25

Nitrite 0.5

Alkalinity 130ppm

Growout Greenhouse

Not yet harvest in this farm

Currently 48 DOC and shrimp reach 5,2 gram average weight.

Density 250/m2

Freshwater 0ppt

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